By Charly Ralph

Sheridan Smith has returned to the Savoy stage, much to the delight of theatre lovers everywhere. The star of stage and screen surprised Friday nights audience (July 8th) by reprising her role of Fanny Brice in Michael Mayer’s production of Funny Girl.

Having taken 8 weeks off to recover from stress and exhaustion, Sheridan shone on stage like the star she is with many audience members taking to Twitter shortly after her final curtain call to express their admiration. After a fierce amount of media speculation leading up to and during her leave of absence, we’re so pleased Sheridan has returned in such a professional manner, silencing critics with her unquestionable talent. She is now scheduled to perform every Tuesday through to Saturday until the run ends on October 8th.


For Monday night performances, the role of Fanny Brice will be played by the beautiful Natasha Barnes who has wowed audiences during the past 8 weeks, giving her own charming interpretation of the much loved leading lady. Although both offer different performing styles, audiences are lucky to witness either actress play such an iconic role. We are thrilled to see Sheridan well again and doing what she does best.

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Shoshana Bean is currently staring as leading lady Fanny Brice at the North Shore theatre in Massachusetts. Playing her dream role, gaining rave reviews and giving it her all, she is literally killing the game and proving she is the greatest star. The role, originated by Barbara Streisand back in 1968, tells the story of a young woman with big dreams who won’t let anyone rain on her parade to get to the top.

The show was recently revived in London and is open until October at the Savoy Theatre but this timeless classic is overdue a Broadway return.

Check out Shoshana in action below “Hello Gorgeous”…

Following it’s sold our run at the Menier Chocolate Factory, Funny Girl makes it’s West End transfer to the famous Savoy Theatre. A familiar surrounding for leading lady Sheridan Smith who previously strutted her stuff as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde back in 2010 at this very venue. This stunning theatre is the perfect place for this true classic to come to life and we certainly weren’t disappointed.

The buzz from the packed audience was electric with two fidgety theatre goers beside us who couldn’t contain their excitement as the orchestra began to play. The show starts with a beautiful over tune of snippets from the score before Fanny Brice (Sheridan Smith) arrives on centre stage, “hello gorgeous”. That’s it, we’re hooked already.


Smith truly dazzles in this show. It is almost as if this role was in her destiny. She portrays the character so well and with so much ease. Her stage presence, humour and wit all mirror the characteristics of Ms Brice. What’s refreshing is that she really does put her own spin on such an iconic role (originally performed by Barbara Streisand) which gives it a whole new level of greatness. No-one is raining on her parade.

Former Popstars finalist Darius Campbell also gives a stellar performance as Mr Arnstien. He is slick, cool and ticks all the right boxes. The paring between him and Smith is also captivating and overall it was a fantastic, moving, piece of art.

The ensemble add so much light heartedness and fun to the piece and like any, are the back bone of the musical. They ooze so much talent and really do put everything into what they are doing. In our opinion, they are just as important as the principles.

The show did have a few different qualities to the original movie but it really does do it justice. With a full live Orchestra it gives the show real class and elegance, which a classic such as this deserves to have. With the Menier run, the company were very limited on stage space so with the transfer, it has just created a whole different feel which is very exciting.

The run time is 2 hours 45 mins and ended with a full audience standing ovation which left Sheridan teary and overwhelmed. Her humbleness in that moment struck as being so special and something she most certainly deserved. It just shows how down to earth she is and how she truly loves being up on that stage.

This performance is something that is not to be missed and if you can get a ticket, we highly recommend you do. It’s time to laugh, feel many emotions and see the greatest star in action.

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