About The Editor

Sophie Ross

Hi everyone & thank you for visiting the site. I came up with the idea of creating “The Theatre Hub” early last year and I’m so happy that I chose to do it. I’m currently a second year Broadcast Journalism student who is a Theatre enthusiast. I enjoy interviewing, reviewing and being apart of the Theatre world in any way that I can. This is where the idea for the site came along and I’m so happy with the many great opportunities that have come from it. This is a venture that I’m super proud of and I hope it continues to grow the way it has been.

First show I remember seeing: Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.

Fun fact: I once duetted with Idina Menzel (I’m not a singer) but it was very fun and a moment I’ll never forget.

If I could star in a musical, I would play…: There are so many dream roles which sadly I’ll never get to perform but we can all dream right? It would be either Mimi in Rent, Elphaba in Wicked, Vanessa from In The Heights or a Schuyler Sister (WERK!).



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