Review: Suzie Mathers (Live At Zedel)

Reviewed by Sophie Ross
5th November 2017
Reviewer Rating: ★★★★★

After recently finishing her run as Glinda in the 10th Anniversary cast of Wicked, Suzie Mathers made her return to the West End on Sunday night. Performing at the Crazy Coqs located in the depths of Brasserie Zedel, this was her first solo cabaret show and too much delight, was completely sold out. Entertaining the ever so intimate audience with a variety of songs, plenty of charm and lots of laughter, it was a special evening to be apart of (and we’re sad if you missed it).

Opening the show with “Journey To The Past” from Anastasia, Suzie entered the room to applause and cheers from the audience. What is always so special with attending these types of shows, is that you get to see the performer as themselves. For us, Suzie really defines the term “leading lady” and talent oozes from her so naturally. She’s a shining example of everything a performer should be and knows how to captivate a crowd with total ease. Telling stories of past experiences and showcasing her incredibly versatile vocal range, Suzie put together a setlist of dreams featuring anything from pure musical theatre, opera and Justin Bieber.

No show would be complete without a little help from some special guests. Suzie’s first guest was her Girlfriend Laura Francis. Talking about the idea of what “home” meant to her after travelling around the world for so long, Mathers explained that home for her now, is a not a place but a person. The pair dueted to the song “Home” and it was really beautifully sung with so much joy/happiness coming from them both. It was lovely to see how comfortable they were on stage together and just in general, a really happy part of the show.

Suzie performs with Laura © Danny Kaan / Anniek de Wild

Suzie’s second guest was West End leading lady Rachel Tucker. The pair shared the stage together in Wicked and have been great friends ever since and it’s something that you can really tell by watching them. In an industry that is so competitive and fickle, it’s refreshing to see two powerful women support each other and get on so well. They sang a re-worked version of “Anything You Can Do” from Annie Got Your Gun which had the audience fully engaged in laughter.

Suzie performs with Rachel Tucker © Danny Kaan / Anniek de Wild

Her other song choices included a City of Stars mash-up, a beautiful song from Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen, a re-arranged version of Thank Goodness and many others that we weren’t expecting her hear her sing but made for a pleasant surprise.

Our Editor Sophie with Suzie post show.

Ending the night with “What a wonderful world”, Mathers thanked the crowd, her guests and friends for being apart of such a magical evening. It really was such a charming evening and a great way to spend a Sunday night away from the hustle and bustle (see what we did there) of the outside world. We really hope that this is the first in many cabarets for Suzie. She’s a fantastic performer who has a great career still ahead of her. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

You can follow Suzie here
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