Review: The Truth – Wyndhams Theatre

The Truth is a comedic play that examines the complex relationship between two couples who are caught up in the politics of extra marital affairs, friendship, deceit and the truth.

The show was well received on the night with audience members audibly in stitches as Alex Hanson, Tanya Franks, Francis O’Connor and Robert Portal took the stage in Zeller’s newest play to hit the West End following the success of his penultimate piece “The Father”.

The set design is simple but creative and serves the theme well. Clean, sharp surfaces sweep across the stage to reveal the size and shape of new locations that to my mind reflected the smoothly covered truth and revealed lies that make up the bulk of the play’s content.


I believe Lindsay Posner’s direction achieves what it set out to achieve and in that cannot be criticised, however there is very little grit to the piece. The plot follows the affairs, cover ups and conversations of 2 middle aged married couples and explores the selfishness, cowardice and loyalty of each individual concluding that no one has any.

Although the subject matter is dark, the piece plays out like an “Allo, Allo!” episode. Farce ensues and I was left feeling underwhelmed by what seemed to be a deliberately pompous, over acted 90 or so minutes. However, as I sat in the audience I could clearly see that I was in the minority and that the play was being thoroughly enjoyed by those around me.


I was constantly waiting for the foot to drop, for a human reaction that didn’t come with a comedy drum roll but all I got was gags and good timing. It seemed odd and ironic in equal measure, perhaps purposefully so, that in a play called “The Truth”, there was a complete absence of it in any one moment.

The opportunity cost of seeing this show is just too great for it to come recommended but I do feel that it just wasn’t for me and that if you’re a fan of borderline slapstick or just a lover of farce this would be your cup of tea.

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