The Theatre Cafe

Calling all theatre fans…

If you haven’t visited London’s Theatre Cafe, situated in the heart of the West End, on Shaftesbury Avenue (opposite Les Mis) then you’re missing out. What a genius idea to have a cafe dedicated to musical theatre. A place where you can go and listen to various soundtracks and have themed drinks, with affordable prices and friendly staff. You also have the comfort of being in a room with people who are most likely to share your interests/passion for the arts. Here’s 5 reasons why you need to go and visit…

1) As mentioned in the above, the music. First and foremost that is what attracts most people to this cafe. They have every soundtrack you could possibly think of with a jukebox iPad which allows you to choose the songs. Any stagey will appreciate listening to their favourite musicals on loop whilst sipping on their delicious hot drinks. Also the perfect opportunity to have a little sing along.

2) Which brings me to the second reason. Open mic. Every Saturday between the hours of 3-7pm the cafe hosts an open mic. This gives any aspiring music theatre actor/actress the perfect chance to show everyone what they’ve got. So if you can sing or even if you just want to have some fun with your friends, head down to the cafe and blast out those show tunes.

3) The memorabilia. This cafe is filled with various signed posters, Elphaba’s broom, tables made from old show leaflets, even two theatre seats. You name it, this cafe has it. It’s the perfect place to come in and take cool pictures, chill out and take in a slice of the West End/Broadway, all under one roof.

4) The staff. They are all super friendly and welcoming and that just makes your experience at the cafe that much better. Good staffing always makes a difference and I know that you all appreciate that.

5) The events/signings. Every so often the cafe hosts events, in which they get performers in from current/past shows to put on performances, Q&A’s, sign their new CD etc. This means that the likely hood of one of your favourite theatre stars being apart of one of these events, is probably quite high. Let’s be honest, we all would love to meet our stagey faves and this cafe gives you a good standing chance.


There are SO many more reasons why you should go and visit. The list is endless. So do yourselves a favour and go and visit next time you’re in town.

If you do head down there, send us your pictures to @TheTheatreHub so we can see your stagey cafe experience.

Also don’t forget to follow @TheTheatreCafe on twitter to for all of the latest updates/event info. Hope you all have a “wicked” visit.

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